The Rainbow Room

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The Rainbow Room

Postby Wolfi » July 21st, 2014, 2:22 am

I first heard about The Rainbow Room from a guy who was the first to pod me in a game I used to play - his name was Rayen. Rayen is gone now, so Ima gonna tell you a bit about him- he was a very private guy, who, I dont believe talked to many people. He was about 70 back then, had cancer and smoked a helluvalotta herb and I still consider him in top 10's for hunters for that game, but he would PM me sit and talk and tell me his exploits in this swingers club called The Rainbow Room.

Now, heres the important thing this old weed smoking letch laid on me - in the back of The Rainbow Room, there is a doorway which leads to a portal - and if you were to just ask anyone who has been into the Rainbow Room, you'd get in....

At least thats what Rayen told me.
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