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Re: History of TDZK: 2.1

PostPosted: October 27th, 2016, 2:23 pm
by iYRe
Andrew_tM wrote:I'd be interested in precisely which of the raids on KAOS were done by SH, and which were done by SG/GTG/FX. I must confess to having entirely forgotten the GTG/FX contribution to these raids and to this war as a whole, there were simply so many alliances that round that some slipped my mind.

The main reason for this is that I was IS for three raids led by SH/ASx against the KAOS planets (there was a small GC squad in support). I know that SG (and clearly GTG/FX) raided at the same time - that may be what we're talking about?

I was just thinking about this and in a moment of clarity remembered sort of what went on.

I had been talking to SH about attacking KAOS. We had 2 of our init raiders, yura and kincajou sitting IS in KAOS land (ie docked in an open sector... crazy russians) and one of them got sprung, and killed. He had to level up and wasnt quite ready (although we would have raided anyway) when SH did their first raid.

Ever since 1.0, and then when I was given leadership of GTG in 2.0, I had wanted to be the "scary underdog" alliance. I wanted a small team who could go anywhere and pop anything, and having a relationship with masterchief from Holy days, in 1.0 (he had helped me and I him, with raiding planets with HOLY), he said "I have an idea", so Theodolit, myself, and PERS from FX got together with him and made a plan for a 5 man superfast raiding team, meaning we could escort it with just 5 fighters.
HOwever, AL got very annoying and BrunoX - well - he was taunting us. Apricot, Malice, and I spent many hours chasing him and got shots on him a few times. Thus the Wonks thing (got to actually fly with him in KAOS and it was great fun). Then we realised there was all these multies in AL so we decided to take their planets.

Interestingly, one of the AL planets was REALLY hard to kill, and one SG guy, I cant remember who but he was a damn good bloke, suicided himself into the planet with a number of other guys over and over - I think he went from something like lvl 85 down to about 14. I nearly called it off but aqualish said he could rep faster, so they fired faster and ended up getting it.

At this point discussions with SG and SH etc took place (Aps was friends with SG and we had some kind of treaty). SH volunteered to escort us, and we shared plans with SG, and organised a few more squads of init and non init battleships.
I kept the raid pretty segmented, as I had lots of different groups of people to manage.
I had an admin channel, which had leaders and my "tech" guys (theodolit etc) and some advisers, along with raid leaders. Then there was a sub "raid leader" channel, "escort leader" channel, then various sub channels usually in peoples own "ops" rooms. I was in my own escort channel, the raid channels, and running the command room. There was something like 20 raiders, 2 rc's (aqualish and a guy from FX who I have on facebook but cant remember his in game name - he ended up in asx I think - 2 of the fastest rc's ever - 10 raiders each and firing every few secs). Then there was 100 odd escorts from SH/GC/GTG/ASx/SG/FX. It got a bit hectic and SH killed some FX guys (or SG?) when they came IS at one planet-I think they paid for it though.
It was one of the most fun things I ever did, apart from manipulating people on the forums. We had all kinds of time zones, languages, ships, ideas about how things should or should not be done. Fortunately everyone seemed ok with me taking control - at least I thought I was in control. We took 6 or so KAOS planets, some easy some hard and I think I achieved my goal.

Re: History of TDZK: 2.1

PostPosted: October 27th, 2016, 2:36 pm
by Andrew_tM
That's some really good stuff. Every time someone tells one of those stories it makes me genuinely feel a sense of regret that so many good people and pilots I never got to fly with - apart from perhaps the odd one or two in the odd joint op I don't think I ever flew alongside anyone from that GTG/FX/SG sphere.

Glad I never had to lead a raid or op that complicated though. The worst I had to deal with was the shared GC/SH ops against the HOLY/Phoenix/kitchen sink coalition in 2.0 - lots of separate channels plus language issues - although with only two alliances I think the primary problem with those raids was more inexperience than anything else!

Re: History of TDZK: 2.1

PostPosted: October 27th, 2016, 3:29 pm
by iYRe
haha, yeah, its quite interesting seeing other peoples perspectives - I think a lot of us had over inflated self worth issues lol

I have to say, being allied to SG was not terribly easy, lol

I sent a message to apricot and theodolit in the hope that they can share more (or correct me as I am possibly conflating raids).