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Roundup time!

PostPosted: July 1st, 2008, 5:03 am
by Stormcrow
On behalf of our default leader, I'm issuing a call for the old TDZK writing crew (a.k.a "The Crossover Crew") to come together to... discuss things.

What are those things? Ask BPen--he's the one who requested I summon everyone (which is funny, because he's just as capable of posting here as I am).

Anyway...FOAM-E I know you're still around. Andrew Fireborn...gone? Theros? Also gone? Kejani--I used to have your e-mail address.

Harby, you're still here, even if you weren't part of the Crossover Crew.

Flaug? Feel free to join, if you think you can put up with BPen. ;)

Anyone else who would like to participate in whatever it is BPen has in mind, make it known over on the boards (there's a thread there under a name similar to this) or by PMing me.

Details to (hopefully) follow.