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TDZK Histories

PostPosted: October 27th, 2010, 4:12 am
by Andrew_tM
After a short break, the nostalgia parade continues with not one, not two, but three rounds' worth of TDZK history taking us close to the end of the 2.x series.

  • In 2.4 we saw the return of the Scourge, the introduction and demise of Admiral Williamson, there was another large war between IA and KAOS, with several others involved too - and a bit of a scandal involving carlos to finish the round.
  • The first round of Alternity, 2.5, took us to an entirely different galaxy - good Taenarians and Scourge against evil Polloids and Wraiths, as the Federation became the evil side. This round saw one of the bigger wars we've seen as KAOS, Arcani and Deranged Space Pilots locked horns with Fury, Warriors and Hunting from A224 for over three months of conflict.
  • The 2.6 round was the second round of Alternity - you may recall some of the events. It started with a raiding spree, a round reset, another raiding spree, many planet conquests - not to mention a three day battle in what was arguably the high point of TDZK.

As always, please join in, share your stories and memories of the different rounds as well as our 'official' versions!