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Welcome to Redial

Postby Iccyh » November 7th, 2007, 9:49 pm

Welcome (back) to Redial. As you can see, we've redone the site and there have been a number of changes. Instead of Redial being strictly a tool site, we're actually aiming to turn it into the new hub for the community. So, we've closed down the temporary forums that were up, we're moving #tdzk2 to #Redial (still on irc.hypermutt.net) and we're going to run the forums here and #Redial like real forums/IRC as opposed to just casual, informal places. This isn't to say we're suddenly going to be talking about rules and such, just that we're going to be making an effort to ensure that Redial is successful as opposed to letting things drift. We want these forums and the IRC channel to be the true, undeniable, unkillable home of the TDZK community.

Firstly, Redial is going to be for the community first and foremost. The rules are set up to be as permissive as possible, discussion will actually be encouraged and promoted by Redial and the moderation and opping will as responsible and reasonable as we can manage. In our IRC channel, we'll actually try and encourage casual discussion and we'll participate ourselves when we're able, instead of remaining aloof and stepping in only to kick and/or ban. In General Discussion, most topics will be acceptable and we'll aim to encourage discussion about a wide variety of things and again we'll participate where we're able. In our TDZK related sections (when they become available), we'll be aiming to provide forums designed to encourage discussion about ingame happenings and mechanics. We want Redial to be a place where people can come for good, informative, entertaining discussion about anything TDZK related and and almost anything else besides.

Secondly, we're going to actually offer content. The front page will be TDZK and Redial news, including all of the juicy/useless (take your pick) leaks from the admins and other such goodness. We'll also have all sorts of sexy tools, including the shipcalc (yay Lemmy) and the station list. We're currently exploring getting some more really sexy stuff and with the excellent people we've got at Redial, we have the ability to pull together a very solid variety of useful tools. We also have quotes, as we've taken the old nihilogic quotes and merged them with the spixie quotes. So, we've got a good selection of entertainment and idiocy from years past hidden in there. Check out the top 10, some good stuff there.

Lastly, Redial won't take our ball and go home. If the game goes, the forums here won't be disappearing, the IRC channel will remain and we will still be doing the best we can for the community.

So, there are currently six of us running the show here. ZZ and Harbinger handle the actual site admin stuff, they're the ones who put the site together, made it look pretty and hacked together the quotes. I'm responsible for content and sort of run the site day to day, while Alucard, Makaveli and Andrew the Mighty are our elite mods/ops. To the best of my knowledge, none of us intend to play TDZK seriously when the game comes back up. Our main cause is Redial and the community, this is what we'll be devoted to. If things go well, we will probably need some help with the site, but please don't contact us about helping unless we already know you well and know we can work with you. Yes, this is really cliquish, but this is a private site and this is what we think we need to do in order to keep it working smoothly. We will be making no apologies for attempting to provide the best quality we can.

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