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IRC Moving To New Services

Postby zmaniacz » December 18th, 2007, 11:10 am

As you may have heard, the services running on our lovely IRC server will be migrated to a new architecture. This migration is currently planned for this weekend. I've spoken with Jobe of CollectiveIRC to get some details on the move and what you need to do for a smooth transition.

First, the why. Collective has been striving to provide a rich feature set to their users and have found their current services (Anope) to be unsuitable for the task. In fact, certain add-on modules to Anope were the root cause of the IRC instability we faced a few weeks ago. The new services (X3) provide a richer built-in set of features and a more stable base on which to build future add-ons.

The new services come with some growing pains of course. The one you'll notice right away is that all nick and channel registration will be wiped away clean. CollectiveIRC currently has a test server up right now where you can log on and re-register yourself and your channels before go-live, however. It can be found at, port 6667. You'll also find that registering nicks works a bit differently now /ns help is a good place to get started, but here's the gist: authentication is no longer nick based, you'll now create an account on the server that you log in to. This account on it's own will be what provides you with access to channels. You can then add nicks to that account and be able to enforce them as usual. But, you can also use any old random nick and still have access to channels which is, in my mind, delightful.

The new services will take some getting used to, but support is available in #help. Ultimately, the move should provide us with long-term stability and a solid platform for future growth.
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